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  • Terry Cable Mighty Tire Iron

    Terry Cable Mighty Tire Iron

    Huy in NSW

    Holy Moly

    If you're one of those who try not to buy cheap tools, then buy one of these. It is very sturdy, has no flex, and the big handles are great. Took off a 180/55 and 120/60 without too much hassle (for a first timer).

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  • Terry Cable Ultimate TyER Iron

    Terry Cable Ultimate TyER Iron

    Chris in Pennsylvania

    Nice - but fragile!

    This is a great tire iron to use. Excellent feel, excellent leverage. But, I dropped it on the ground while changing a tire (on the ground, not on a bench or stand) and the plastic handle broke clean off. I cannot use it anymore. It's not like it broke the end off, literally the entire plastic handle broke off. Ah well.

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