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  • Thor Reservior Hydro Bag

    Thor Reservior Hydro Bag

    Chad in PA

    Great for trail riding

    I ride trails on a raptor and this makes taking tools and having a drink on long rides easy. There are multiple pockets and places to put your tools. The bag stays dry for the most part even in wet conditions. The hydration pack works flawlessly and is very easy use.

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  • Thor MX Cool Socks 2014

    Thor MX Cool Socks 2014

    Shawn in PA

    Thor MX Cool Socks 2014

    They are socks and work like socks.

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  • Thor MX Socks 2014

    Thor MX Socks 2014

    Chris in NM


    Kid loves em

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  • Thor Slant Die-Cut Decal Pack

    Thor Slant Die-Cut Decal Pack


    plenty of stickers

    6 pack 2 white 2 silver 2 black. used a couple and gave the rest to my riding buddies. good stuff they havent started to peel yet

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  • Thor Lanyard 2015

    Thor Lanyard 2015

    amy in NC


    if the stitching comes apart just put two staples in it

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  • Thor Hydrant Hydro Bag 2015

    Thor Hydrant Hydro Bag 2015

    PETE in QLD

    Honey i shrunk hydro bag

    When i first got this hydro bag i immediately got back on the RM website to check to see if it came in sizes. It is so tiny. I am 170lbs , 34" waist , i can just get this hydro pack on , probably don't need a kidney belt if they made the strap a little bit wider. The product itself is fantastic just too small, they need to scale it up ten percent. Great for the young kids.

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