Toomey Dual Sport Accessories: Exhaust

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  • Toomey Spark Arrestor 3.0

    Toomey Spark Arrestor 3.0

    Andrew in PA

    Loud and cool

    I have this on my blaster and it made it louder and gave it more air flow. It seemed to improve the power while blowing smoke rings when the engine wound down, it is awesome and allows you to have the power, noise, and fun that other spark arrestors dont let you have. check out my youtube channel akraus5 and see a review video I posted.

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  • Toomey B-1 Pipe Kit

    Toomey B-1 Pipe Kit



    Bought this for my little brother who also installed v-force reeds, oil injection block off kit, wiseco piston, and port/polish job. All mods combined turned his blaster into a beast. I think this pipe is the best on the market for a blaster with similar mods. I would highly recommend it to anybody.

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  • Toomey T-5 Pipe Set

    Toomey T-5 Pipe Set

    JIM in ID

    Awesome sound!

    Stock bore and stroke Banshee. Wiseco pistons. Trinity stage IV porting. V-Force reeds. Dual 38-mm Keihin carbs. 17-cc domes. Toomey T-5's. 75-horsepower to the rear tires at 5000 feet elevation on 110 octane race fuel. 32-1 Yamalube 2R. Dyno proven. St Anthony tested! FUN STUFF!

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  • Toomey TR-6 Pipe Kit

    Toomey TR-6 Pipe Kit

    Meagan in MI

    great pipes

    toomey makes the best pipes for a banshee. just dont do what i did and order the t-6 pipes if you ever plan on building your motor gave away the t-6's and had to order t-5's

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  • Toomey TR-6 Pipe Set

    Toomey TR-6 Pipe Set

    JOEL in CA

    Great Upgrade Over Stock

    I purchased these for my 04 Banshee with the factory cylinder on its original bore. Other than a coolhead and K&N pod filters, the motor is fairly stock. Feels to have more bottom end and does not hit like a light switch as hard as other pipes do. Definitely has a smoother power transition when getting "on the pipe" which makes it easier and less tiring to ride.

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  • Toomey T-5 Pipe Kit

    Toomey T-5 Pipe Kit

    FRANK in NY


    A M A Z I N G

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