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  • Tusk 17" Mega Tire Iron

    Tusk 17" Mega Tire Iron

    Daniel in NY

    Great tool

    This thing is a beast , great for removing tires , and for the final stages of mounting when things get real tight.

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  • Tusk Tire Repair Kit

    Tusk Tire Repair Kit

    Nolan in WA

    Dose what it should

    Nice little kit, would of liked it to come with more co2 canisters tho

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  • Tusk Low Pressure Tire Gauge

    Tusk Low Pressure Tire Gauge

    Tim in AZ

    Great accessory for any kit

    Simple low pressure gauge. Recommend testing against another tire gauge to ensure accuracy. Accurate to within a pound. for the price it's perfect.

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  • Tusk Ultra Lite Tire Iron

    Tusk Ultra Lite Tire Iron

    Donald in AZ

    Good for portable pack use

    I paired 3 of these together in the pack, and have used them both on the trail and in the shop. For dedicated shop use I would go with something that has a longer handle. For trail side they fit well in a hip pack, and paired in 3s work well. Decent weight for how burly they are. Not perfect for every situation, but great for use in a pack.

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  • Tusk Pro Caliber Tire Pressure Gauge

    Tusk Pro Caliber Tire Pressure Gauge

    Dan in ID

    Love it!

    Now you can test your tire pressure and if it has too much, simply press the button and it magically releases the air. You can use this magic button to get the PERFECT tire pressure! Absolutely love this and highly recommend it as a gift or for yourself if you don't have a gauge!

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  • Tusk Valve Stem Puller

    Tusk Valve Stem Puller

    Matthew in UT

    Very Handy

    I purchased this tool because I was tired of trying to fish my valve stems through my rims during tube changes. Takes a few times to get good with it but once you do, it does the job super slick.

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