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  • Tusk TriloBite ATV Tire

    Tusk TriloBite ATV Tire

    James in PA

    Stands up to abuse

    I purchased these to replace my worn out front tires. They mounted easily and after 3 full 8 hour days of very tough cross country riding consisting of Rocks, Roots, Ruts, Hill Climbs, and Hard Pack, I feel that these have performed very well and have stood up to very tough abuse. I would recommend these as a low cost option for tire replacment.

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  • Tusk Rim Protectors

    Tusk Rim Protectors

    Jeffrey in NY

    Buy two pair, you will need all four

    Having a 2012 Kawasaki KX450f with the rims painted black, you will absolutely need these if you want them to stay nice and clean. One second with those tire irons touching that black painted rim and boom, paint is gone. I got impatient and lost one under the rim lock and crushed it where the rope loops into it. Everywhere I pried on the rim protectors (where I used the tool for its intended use), they were perfectly fine. The only reason someone might be able to crack one of these is if it's so cold out it becomes brittle. A must have for painted/colored rims. Don't forget to buy two pair, not one.

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  • Tusk 15" Curved Tire Iron

    Tusk 15" Curved Tire Iron

    christopher in OR

    Great Iron

    These tire irons worked amazingly well. Then ends are contoured to help hold themselves in place while pivoting on the edge of the wheel. The curved portion of the iron makes removing a tire a breeze as well by being able to maneuver around the edge of the wheel and grip the edge of the tire bead. If you are buying to change your own tires and not just for an emergency setup I would suggest buying two-three of these. Overall great value and tool for the job.

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  • Tusk Pro Caliber Tire Pressure Gauge

    Tusk Pro Caliber Tire Pressure Gauge

    Paul in CA

    nice. Accurate. well-built.

    Needed a new gauge. Looked at MP, too much $$!!. Went with the Tusk. I'm very pleased with purchase.

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  • Tusk Valve Stem Puller

    Tusk Valve Stem Puller

    Oliver in FL

    Tusk Valve Stem Puller

    Works as described, very useful.

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  • Tusk Tire Repair Kit

    Tusk Tire Repair Kit

    JUDEX in FL


    Real nice

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