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  • Tusk Clutch Lever

    Tusk Clutch Lever

    Taylor in MO

    Fine, just breaks easy

    Good clutch handle, but don't drop your bike or it will snap. But I can break three do these for the price of breaking one of the others. So not bad.

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  • Tusk Brake Lever

    Tusk Brake Lever

    Taylor in MO

    Fine for the price

    The clutch handle fits up perfect, but it snaps sooo easy. I now buy these as back ups just because you have to spend a lot of money on a clutch handle that won't break. So might as well buy the cheap ones.

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  • Tusk T-10 Aluminum 7/8" Handlebar

    Tusk T-10 Aluminum 7/8" Handlebar

    geoff in OR

    you get what you pay for

    doesn't feel like a CR HIGH, feels off some how. Lots of flex on first ride, found crossbar clamps loose, No center mark.

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  • Tusk Billet Race Foot Pegs

    Tusk Billet Race Foot Pegs

    John in GA

    Emotional Connection Might Be Love Afterall

    Oh my gosh - LOVE these pegs. It's kinda like getting glasses the 1st time. You never knew what you were missing. I've put 150 hrs on this Husabeast over the last few years and the stock pegs front teeth werent missing like a meth addict, but they were ground down and round. I put these pegs on in 15 mins with needle nose vise grips locked on one side of spring (thanks slaven racing video). I do recommend that you go ahead and have new cotter pins beforehand. Easy install, WAAAAY more bite. Even the platform's 5mm width difference was huge, but add in the grippy steel cleats and furgettaboutit. Youre betrothed to your mistress in a second. I never lost the pegs even riding in slop infused by 6 inches of rain the night before our ride. It was awesome - just get these pegs. Same ride height as original, took 20 mins to get used to my shifter/rear brake spacing from peg in a panic, but after a day it was just awesome.

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  • Tusk Safety Wire

    Tusk Safety Wire

    MATT in NY

    Good wire at a good price

    So far this wire has held up great. Can get it nice and tight without breaking it when using it on my grips. Would def buy it again, especially for the price.

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  • Tusk Handlebar Riser Kit

    Tusk Handlebar Riser Kit

    Jamie in OR

    Great product but 30mm too high for me.

    High quality product for the price. I'm 6' tall and the 30mm riser was too high for me. Switched to the 15mm riser and it was exactly what I was looking for. Easy to install and works great!

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