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  • Tusk Brake Lever

    Tusk Brake Lever

    Alex in ID

    New handle

    Much better than a bent handle, easy to grasp and shiny.

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  • Tusk Handlebar Riser Kit

    Tusk Handlebar Riser Kit

    Gage in ID

    Bar risers

    They do what they are supposed to and are extremely easy to install. These are worth it for taller people.

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  • Tusk Aluminum Handguards

    Tusk Aluminum Handguards

    Donald in AZ

    Solid, but could be better

    This is a great bang for your buck product. Very solid and durable setup. I have the kit with the aluminum bar and the plastic screw on guards mounted to a standard diameter Renthal bar. They take a few tumbles before I have to loosen up the bolts, re-align, and retighten. Lost one of the bolts on the first ride. A replacement from Ace hardware and a tube of blue locktight has solved this issue. Bolts should have come from the factory with a spot of locktight. Inner interface clamps around bar and is a bit finicky. You have to crank the stuffing out of them (IMHO) more than I would expect to keep them in place. It would be a good idea for Tusk to provide the option of mounting the inner mount to the tripple somehow. Even of offered as an upgrade part, I would now go that direction. I see they have plastic guards with integrated LED turn signals as an option. A nice feature if you decide to dual sport your machine or need to make it street legal to get to/from local trails. Value is great, just add some locktight and don't be afraid to reef a bit on the bolts.

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  • Tusk Clutch Lever

    Tusk Clutch Lever

    Joe in OH

    Looks great!

    Looks great! works great!

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  • Tusk MX Grips - Half Waffle

    Tusk MX Grips - Half Waffle

    rebecca in VA

    perfect for all purpose riding

    i ride in all conditions and ive not had any issues with these grips great compound great for twist or thumb throttle anybody doing serious riding in rugged conditions get these

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