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  • Tusk Fork Cap Wrench

    Tusk Fork Cap Wrench

    Donald in AZ

    Good basic tool for us home mechanics

    This does what it needs to in order to get the cartridge out, as well as loosen the top cap. It is not as nice as the socket driven tools, nor is there a way to apply a torque wrench when tightening. Not really a big deal for the home mechanic so long as you have some idea of how tight things should be. If I were paid, and had the liability, to work on someone else's fork I would step up to a socket type tool. If you are not pulling the bars off the bike you will not be able to hold onto the uppers for the initial loosening or final tightening. Get a decent rubber strap wrench, or if you happen to have a spare triple clamp crown handy that would help. I found breaking the seal of the cartridge first, followed by the main cap was a good method. Different forks will require different technique. Good bank for the buck for home use, but not recommended for shop work.

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  • Tusk Cartridge Rod Holding Tool

    Tusk Cartridge Rod Holding Tool

    Donald in AZ

    Does what it needs to do for not too much coin

    You could make your own if you have the materials/time, could use an open ended wrench if you know what size to use, or you can go this route. An open ended wrench would work just fine in hindsight, but if buying the tool I see no reason to "step up" in price. It seems like so far Tusk has been providing great value for good tools and parts. I will keep coming back until that changes.

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  • Tusk KYB Dual Chamber Fork Cap Wrench

    Tusk KYB Dual Chamber Fork Cap Wrench

    mike in AZ

    Must have!!

    If you have an 05 or newer Yamaha YZ/YZf you will need these Makes seal changes and oil service easy without marring the finish on the caps and collars.

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  • Tusk Fork Seals

    Tusk Fork Seals

    Matthew in UT

    I will buy these every time

    I put these seals in when I rebuilt my forks because they were a good deal. They have been in my bike for two years and are still holding strong.

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  • Tusk Steering Stem Wrench

    Tusk Steering Stem Wrench

    Jonathan in NJ

    Great wrench

    Fits perfect and keeps that clean appearance on the nuts

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  • Tusk Fork Oil Level Tool

    Tusk Fork Oil Level Tool

    STEVE in IN

    Good to have.

    If you do your own suspension maintenance, this is much better than measuring oil level with a ruler!

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