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  • Tusk Cable Luber

    Tusk Cable Luber

    Joe in NY

    good tool

    this is a good tool for lubing cables. great addition to the toolbox.

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  • Tusk Billet Aluminum Gas Cap

    Tusk Billet Aluminum Gas Cap



    Great fit, no issues.

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  • Tusk Tow Strap

    Tusk Tow Strap

    Sky in FL

    Bonus parts

    The strap seems good quality and plenty strong enough for ATV or motorcycles. The D shackle is very heavy duty. I don't think I will use the shackle, but it is nice to have.

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  • Tusk Aluminum MX Stand

    Tusk Aluminum MX Stand

    David in MN


    Holds my build up.. is light and less $ then other stands... not sure why you would buy anything else. O and RM shipped it, like the rest of the things I've ordered, very quickly.

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  • Tusk Grip Heater Kit

    Tusk Grip Heater Kit

    Kyle in OR

    Must have for winter riding.

    I have been using these for years on all sorts of bikes and love them. The work well and are relatively cheap. Just be sure to put some thick heat shrink tubing on the clutch side of the bar before putting the heating element on to insulate the bars. If you don't, the left side won't get warm as all the heat will go into the metal bars as opposed to going through the rubber grip and getting to your hand.

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  • Tusk Tank Bag

    Tusk Tank Bag

    ALEX in WA

    Cup Holder!

    Added this to my Scrambler. Great bag for the price. Nice to have a water bottle holder and some extra storage. Only thing I don't like is having to take the gas cap off anytime I want to remove the bag. If you don't cover the opening, it has a tendency to drop dirt in the tank when removed.

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