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  • Tusk Compact Control Switch With Headlights

    Tusk Compact Control Switch With Headlights

    KIM in AZ


    this switch was perfect.....

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  • Tusk Universal Horn

    Tusk Universal Horn

    KIM in AZ

    great for the price

    Just make sure you have a full 12 volts going to it or it wont work very well.

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  • Tusk Spark Plug Socket

    Tusk Spark Plug Socket

    AARON in WA

    For my CRF450X

    I bought this to be able to change spark plugs on my 450X. This is a need to have tool for spark plug changes. The socket and extension are sturdy and should provide years of service.

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  • Tusk Super White Bulb

    Tusk Super White Bulb

    Jason in PA

    Brighter than stock

    Brighter than stock. It was a very easy install. Rode all night stopping and starting the quad. I noticed no negative effects on the battery from the lights ether.

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  • Tusk Tec-Core Battery with Acid

    Tusk Tec-Core Battery with Acid

    MARCO in CA

    Can't beat the quality for the price.

    I bought this battery to replace the Yuasa battery. It came with the electrolyte in a easy to use plastic bottle with a little clear hose to put into the cells. Worked like a charm (10 minutes). I stuck the battery on the charger for the 3 hours recommended but forgot about it and it ran overnight. Next morning put the battery in and voila, the quad was alive again. Had the quad down in Mexico twice now with the new battery and no starting issues at all. Worth every penny and half the price of the Yuasa.

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  • Tusk Flush Mount L.E.D. Turn Signals

    Tusk Flush Mount L.E.D. Turn Signals

    paige in NJ


    Lights look good and are bright. just seal them up at any hole with black silicone or they get water in them

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