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  • Tusk 3-Way Mini T-Handle Wrench Tool Kit - 1/4" Drive

    Tusk 3-Way Mini T-Handle Wrench Tool Kit - 1/4" Drive

    Tim in AZ

    Perfect addition to the trail kit

    A necessity for any tool kit. Works very well. I'd recommend this over the folding one due to ease of use. Does exactly what it should. Also can't beat the price.

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  • Tusk Y-Allen Wrench

    Tusk Y-Allen Wrench

    Tim in AZ

    Great addition to the backpack.

    Good bang for buck. Does what's needed.

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  • Tusk L-Handle Tool Set

    Tusk L-Handle Tool Set

    Donald in AZ

    Great for a light setup

    This works near as well as a T wrench with some additions. I added a hex driver to 1/4" socket bit to make this a better system. The short "torque" end is a 1/4" driver, the longer "spin" end is a hex bit. The short end lets you get into tighter spaces than a T handle, and the long end (modified per above) lets you spin like a T handle. Smaller than a T so it packs down easily. So far, I like it quite a bit. Will re-review if something comes up down the line.

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  • Tusk Folding Mini T-Handle Set - 1/4" Drive

    Tusk Folding Mini T-Handle Set - 1/4" Drive

    Dan in ID

    Great for a travel bag.

    Can't beat a full tool set but for a trail bag or other things like that its great!

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  • Tusk Zip Ties

    Tusk Zip Ties

    Mark in TX

    Love them...super wide

    I bought these instead of the normal bundle I buy from home depot. These are a lot wider. The added width helps reduce my tendency to crush stuff with normal ties.

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  • Tusk Ratchet Spark Plug Wrench

    Tusk Ratchet Spark Plug Wrench

    jeromy in NE

    excellent utility & fair value

    I'm glad I bought this. Saved me tons of frustration & actually made me check & swap plugs more frequently due to the ease of doing so with this tool

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