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  • Uni Air Filter

    Uni Air Filter

    jason in FL

    Time to move on

    I have used uni filters for years and have never had a problem..I gave them a 4 star because they work.However you always have to clean two and getting them to perfectly align with themselves and the cage is a hassle..I think there are many other choices out there that offer the same protection and are much easier to service.. When they first came out ,there were limited choices in the market place.Thats not the case anymore and if the dual filter design is superior ,why doesnt everyone else utilize that concept?

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  • Uni Filter Air Box Vents

    Uni Filter Air Box Vents

    William in CT

    Awesome product

    After I got these I put 12 holes in airbox and put these in. Really opened up my quad great compromise since I was stuck between and no lid and drilling holes so this was perfect. Need to be cleaned a lot but still worked great.

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  • Uni Air Filter - POD Clamp On

    Uni Air Filter - POD Clamp On

    James in MI


    works great and great value!

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  • Uni CVT (Clutch) Filter

    Uni CVT (Clutch) Filter

    Fred in Arizona

    RZR air filter

    It looks like it will work great if I can ever tighten the clamp. What type of tool do you use that fits between the air box and the clamp screw that you need to tighten. There is only about an inch to try and tighten this clamp.

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