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  • Yamalube Tire Mount Lube

    Yamalube Tire Mount Lube

    ILYA in MA

    Works great!

    This was recommended to me by a friend, and I found it to be a big improvement over the good old soapy water. Much slicker, and remains slick for the duration of the tire change. Then gets tacky after a few hours. Occasionally, the nozzle gets clogged, so I wash it out with mineral spirits or replace.

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  • Yamalube Microfiber Drying Towel

    Yamalube Microfiber Drying Towel

    MATT in UT

    Not Too Shabby

    Bought this today so that I could wash my bike. Towel is a decent size and is nice and soft for painted surfaces. It doesn't absorb water as well as others, but it works well! It's plenty big to dry the whole bike (H-D FatBoy). Once this one wears out, I would buy another one.

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  • Yamalube Off-Road Detailing Kit

    Yamalube Off-Road Detailing Kit

    jimmy in PA

    yamalube off road detailing kit

    This kit is a 1 stop shop for detailing... if your the type of guy who takes pride in you dirtbike or atv and keep your things clean this is for you its packed with everything you need to bring that amazing new bike shine back to your plastics anf its very easy to use and im telling you everything in this kit is awsome and works great it comes in a great carry along case and everything you need it in rite in your carry along box.. I love this.. it comes with micro fiber towes, engine degreaser, cleaning spray, yamalube shine wipes, and a spoke brush that can be used to clean your dirtbike spokes and I use to clean the rims on my atv... I guarantee youll love this kit it keeps your big boy toys looking brand new I ise my kit after every ride I never put my toys away dirty and this kit makes it a breeze to clean every inch of my yfz450r

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