YUASA UTV Accessories: Electrical

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  • YUASA Standard Battery with Acid

    YUASA Standard Battery with Acid

    Brock in AZ

    Worth the price!

    I bought this battery because it beat all local shops in price. Can't say enough about RMA; have used them for years, always great service and delivery! Once I received the battery, I was unaware that it was not a sealed battery. Battery comes with acid, but not a tube to fill the battery. This battery is a maintenance battery which requires water every few months, assembly, and charging. I took this to a local shop for which they did for $8. For ATVs where the battery is not easily accessible; or you tend to roll your bike a lot, look at a sealed battery. Overall, the fit and strength of the battery can't be beat for the price!

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  • YUASA No Maintenance Battery with Acid

    YUASA No Maintenance Battery with Acid

    Jeff in KS

    No disappointment here!

    I bought a battery from a local place in KC and it lasted just past the warranty period. Altho the shop I purchased it from sells lots of batteries of all types, there's no telling how many MC batteries they move nor how long it had been on the shelf. Definitely NOT the case with this Yuasa battery. The electrolyte is ready to add - the convenient connected-yet-separate vials make adding acid & activating pretty much fool-proof. Nobody beats the prices here either. As a matter of fact, the battery that failed after less than a year cost as much as the good one. Buy this battery - you can't go wrong! Added bonus: fast shipping, great service and order history available online from JW.

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  • YUASA Jumper Cables

    YUASA Jumper Cables

    ZACH in CA

    Awesome cables

    These are perfect to carry in or on your atv somewhere, i even jumped a full size truck with them. pretty well made. And the clips are just right for the smaller battery terminals found on bikes and atvs

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  • YUASA Standard Battery without Acid

    YUASA Standard Battery without Acid

    BRYCE in MN

    excelent replacement battery

    have had no problems with this battery. it starts the wheeler whenever it is needed.

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  • YUASA Yumicron Battery with Acid

    YUASA Yumicron Battery with Acid

    David in ME

    Yuasa really is the best battery

    This battery is 3 years old. At the end of year 2 the ATV broke and was not repaired. This Yumicron type Yuasa YB12L-A1 sat outside for 11 months neglected. Voltage was 9.8 V and acid levels were OK. An 8 hour slow charge brought up voltage but no power. I was able to recover the battery to 80% of rated power in 4 days with 6 fast/ slow charge cycles and a 48 hour de-sulfation. I'm impressed !!

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