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  • Warp 9 Complete Wheel Kit - Rear

    Warp 9 Complete Wheel Kit - Rear

    Jesse in SK


    Excellent rear wheel kit, comes laced trued and with the wheel bearings installed. Only gripe is you will have to purchase the warp 9 spoke wrench, it is an odd sized 6.6mm wrench. Almost a full season on them (I bought a front a rear to match) and only minor spoke tightening for adjustments so far has been needed. I appreciate the extra hole in the rim for a second rim lock. F.Y.I. there is a third hole in the rear rim for another rim lock!!! Green hub and black rim still looks like new!

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  • Warp 9 Complete Wheel Kit - Front

    Warp 9 Complete Wheel Kit - Front

    Ben in New South Wales

    Warp9 complete wheels

    I got the complete wheels for my yz125 and the difference was unbelievable I have had the wheels for two years and they are still going strong.

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  • Warp 9 Rim - Front

    Warp 9 Rim - Front

    Brendan in Western Australia

    Good value product

    I gave this rim a five star rating not because its necessarily the best rim, but because its quality is high and the price is low. I also bought a rear rim for the 500exc as both of mine were dinged up pretty bad, these rims are almost "seemlessly" joined, trued up well, look fantastic, have a durable finish (i went silver), and so far seem as tough if not tougher than the excel takasago rims the bike came with from factory. I would buy again for sure.

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  • Warp 9 Rim - Rear

    Warp 9 Rim - Rear

    David in MN

    Not impressed

    Poor quality. There are way better options out there. Will not buy Warp9 products again

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  • Warp 9 Tower Nut/Valve Stem Kit

    Warp 9 Tower Nut/Valve Stem Kit

    Jeff in CT

    Does it job and looks good at the same time!!!

    Matches my orange hubs and functions as intended.

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  • Warp 9 Spoke Kit - Rear

    Warp 9 Spoke Kit - Rear

    Ken in BC

    Good spokes minor problem when mounting to rim

    To start I got these because my rear rim needed a replacement really bad. I couldn't put a new rim on with old worn out spokes so I got these. They are also from the same company as the rim so should fit well together. The fit was good but I did end up having to do a little bit of mix and match to make it work. Also stripped a few nipples trying to install. I do like them much better than what was on there. I would recommend the rim and spokes to people looking.

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