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  • Polisport Chain Slider

    Polisport Chain Slider

    Mitchell in CT

    '05 CRF250R - Not a Great Fit

    This slider doesn't fit quite right on my '05 Honda CRF250R. The length and fastener locations are all perfect, however, the corner on the lower, inside of the slider doesn't correspond well to my swingarm's weld. The "corner" on the inside of the slider (lower part) is too far forward from where it is supposed to be.------------------------ As a result, this reduces clearance between the slider and the lower chain roller. When my suspension is completely unloaded, it actually pinches the chain a little bit between these components and makes it harder to spin the rear wheel. I noticed this when trying to spin the wheel when the bike was on the stand. When the bike is off the stand and especially when I'm sitting on it, this clearance opens up a lot and is then not an issue.------------------------- So, this will really only affect me in the following two situations: when I'm in the air and when my bike is on the stand. It doesn't completely bind up the chain, but makes wheel spin more difficult than it should be. As the plastic components wear, the situation would get better. For an '05 CRF 250R, I would not buy this product again. Get the OEM part. Not much more expensive.

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  • Polisport Chain Guide

    Polisport Chain Guide

    Daniel in UT


    it fit perfectly and is holding up great

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  • Polisport Chain Roller

    Polisport Chain Roller

    Brian in CA

    Works Fine

    Works as intended

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  • Polisport Lower Chain Slider

    Polisport Lower Chain Slider

    JOSHUA in NY

    Fit well, looks like OEM

    Fit perfectly, looks like the OEM one it replaced.

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