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  • Pod MX K700 Knee Brace Pair

    Pod MX K700 Knee Brace Pair

    Christian in GA

    pod mx fox k700knee brace-pair-vs-asterisk-pair

    just purchased a leatt-club kneck brace and pod/fox k700 pair of braces...front tire went flat and i didnt know it was flat till I landed front wheel 1st off of a step-up jump... crashed @ aprox. 25 mph. and landed head 1st right knee 2nd... leatt-club did its job well but the right knee cup dislocated 100% (as it probably was designed too) and the left top upper most quad strap snapped in half... i walked away done for the day with only a sprained left wrist(healed in 36hrs.) and a sore right shoulder (took 3 days to heal)... i bought the asterisks 1st and wore around the living room for an hour and felt like frankenstein @ the knees... I sent them back to r.mtn. atv/mc an got a refund toward the better pod k700s...only brace better would be rx. custom built cti's... but I have no insurance...next purchase = wrist braces by EVS...silver account level buyer... oh yeh the knee cup clicked rite back in and I had a local tailor sew the snapped/ripped strap for $6.42...

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