Ryco Dirt Bike Parts: Electrical

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  • Ryco Enduro Lighting Kit

    Ryco Enduro Lighting Kit

    Sean in OH

    Great Kit, Greater Service

    As you can read in my previous posts I was foolish enough to buy a DSA kit before I checked all the forums. It was missing a crucial part, kept blowing fuses, and I received almost non-existent help with issues. The owner immediately blamed me when I did contact him about repeatably blowing the fuse in his harness (separate from the main 15AMP Honda fuse). I then discovered a company and owner that were the complete opposite. Roy at RYCOMOTO (My caps. not theirs) in Utah. I emailed to ask if they could salvage the DSA kit using my parts (many of which were the same as his kit). I wanted to keep the light that replaced the stock Honda taillight with the DSA light Which has 10 LEDs and a brake light but fits in the same fender slot. His fender with large LED light was the same as used in some other kits but I wanted a stealth installation All the turn signals and the tailight were black (flush mount rears) with orange/red LEDs in keeping with the black plastic on the bike (these lights also a DSA option). To all of these requests...WAIT FOR IT.... he replied, "Yes, I can do that send me your parts and I will fix it, mail it back and you can PAY ME WHAT IT IS WORTH TO YOU!!! I sent $50 earnest money along with all the parts. Every email was promptly answered, the repair was returned in less than 2 weeks along with 6 pages of instructions. I had one minor question about where to plug in a wire and a couple of stupid things I could have figured out myself in short order. He personally answered the phone in 3 rings 3 times in one day and straightened me out in a very patient manner. Most of the wiring was new and replaced the DSA wires. All long runs were a heavier than DSA wiring, no plugs to install, only 2 splice connectors to the rear tail light to get the required 12 volt power. The wiring includes an accessory plugin installed for GPS or 12v power devices and the horn connectors are there if I want to take 2 mins and install the electric horn. Two other things. 1. The DSA kit had some very good ideas, just horrible customer relations and bad engineering. I will try to post a picture of the bike. You can hardly tell that it it is completely street legal hi/lo beam,signals, etc. 2. I sent Roy more money and a "tip" for the FANTASTIC work and help he provided. His kits are available direct from him or through Rocky Mountain ATV/Motorcycle.

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  • Ryco Turn Signal Kit

    Ryco Turn Signal Kit

    Tyler in IA


    put this kit on my WR250. fit great and works awesome. I am very happy with this kit and it was way cheaper than others in the market. great product.

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