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  • Cycra Mud Flap

    Cycra Mud Flap

    Chris in GA

    Consider this...

    I buy new plastic all the time to keep my machines looking nice. The rear mud-flap on a Honda catches more abuse than any other piece of plastic on the machine. I SOOOO wish this were included in standard OEM plastic kit. The wider Cycra makes everything look new again and offers more protection to the rear shock and engine cases at a great price.

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  • Cycra Full Armor Skid Plate

    Cycra Full Armor Skid Plate

    Waylon in NY

    Good so far

    I havn't really rode with this on enough to comment on the durability of it but the billet aluminum mount that attaches to the front was too wide to fit between the frame spares of my 08 250sx-f. Plastic is thick and looks like it will do a better job than aluminum or carbon fiber so I think it was worth taking the time to machine down the piece to fit.

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  • Cycra Speed Armor High Impact Skid Plate

    Cycra Speed Armor High Impact Skid Plate

    alan in MO

    Bad design

    Every time I rode I broke some of the supposed high strength zip ties. Eventually it fell off on the track and I lost it. Good riddance.

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  • Cycra Powerflow Intake Radiator Shrouds

    Cycra Powerflow Intake Radiator Shrouds

    craig in NV

    Great looking rad shrouds!

    I bought these hoping to get some nice shrouds and I was very happy! As far as the function, I really couldn't tell a difference.

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  • Cycra Performance Front Fender

    Cycra Performance Front Fender

    TYLER in CA


    good as any other fender

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  • Cycra Fuel Tank Cover

    Cycra Fuel Tank Cover

    Grant in VA

    good purchase with the cycra shrouds!

    I purchased these with the cycra radiator shrouds it was a great purchase together and for the most part fit pretty well with a bit of Persuasion.

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