Odi ATV Parts: Handlebar-Control

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  • Odi ATV Lock-On Grips - Rogue

    Odi ATV Lock-On Grips - Rogue

    Randall in MT

    ODI Grips for 2014 Raptor 700

    So far these grips have been such a great addition. They look great and perform even better. I have rode in all the environments and they haven't shown any signs of movement. I will certainly buy these again if I acquire a new machine.

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  • Odi ATV Lock-On Grips - X-Treme

    Odi ATV Lock-On Grips - X-Treme

    Jody in AZ

    Excellent Grip

    I bought these a couple years ago. What a fantastic design, no grip glue necessary. The rubber is very durable and has worn better than I expected. The mounting hardware is secure and I have not had to redo any part of the grip. They stay in place better than a traditional grip.

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  • Odi ATV Lock-On Grips - Ruffian

    Odi ATV Lock-On Grips - Ruffian

    John in IL

    nice product

    These work great but the grip feels a little small. I've also used the Rogue pattern and prefer those. I changed my rating to average. These grips have not seen a lot of use but the rubber is wearing pretty quickly. The original grips lasted ten years and now with only occasional use they are showing a lot of wear. UPDATE: The atv on which these grips are mounted has not been seeing heavy use but the grips continue to wear rapidly. I like them but considering how quickly they are wearing I would not buy them again.

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