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  • Alpinestars Vapor Knee Protectors

    Alpinestars Vapor Knee Protectors

    David in MN

    Alpinestar Vapor Knee Prot. crf250x

    I ride mostly mx and trail. These things are great. I love the top strap above the knee, it holds the knee pad down from sticking way out when knees are bent. Fit in boots well. nothing bad to say.

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  • Alpinestars Fluid Pro Carbon Knee Brace Set

    Alpinestars Fluid Pro Carbon Knee Brace Set

    KEVIN in UT

    You get used to them

    Buy a pair of brace socks to put underneath. They seem to be easy to fit and adjust. Not much more bulky than just a knee pad and they seem to offer the protection you are after.

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  • Alpinestars Vapor Elbow Guards

    Alpinestars Vapor Elbow Guards

    Peter in California

    Nice design, poorly stitched

    Right out of the bag I found that the left elbow guard had stitches coming out on the bands that go around the forearm and the biceps. As I tried on the guard, the stitches started to come undone even more. I read about these problems in reviews on a different site and figured that they're probably isolated cases, and so I ordered them. Overall, the right elbow guard was fine, but I could see that the stitches would probably fail after a couple of rides. I would recommend avoiding these until Alpinestars figures out the manufacturing problem. Get them only if you have a friend or mom who can use a sewing machine to redo all of the stitches. They seem like they're a great fit and could probably stay in place even after high impact landings.

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  • Alpinestars Defender Pack

    Alpinestars Defender Pack

    amy in NC


    great bag. it hasn't broke throughout the 4 months I've had it. it even has alpinestars zipper pulls. NO PROBLEMS

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  • Alpinestars Impulse Backpack

    Alpinestars Impulse Backpack

    Vincent in QC

    verry good product

    verry good product

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  • Alpinestars Carbon B2 Knee Brace Right

    Alpinestars Carbon B2 Knee Brace Right

    Jason in ID

    Nice product

    a little uncomfortable at times but overall nice

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