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  • Alpinestars Stella Tech 3 Ladies Boots

    Alpinestars Stella Tech 3 Ladies Boots

    Stephanie in California

    Worst boots I've ever owned

    Alpine Stars - or all ladies boots for that matter - are not what they used to be! I wear a size 7 and these are slightly large on me. BUT they do not come up very high on the shin and barely cover my shin guards - which caused my leg to get cut open when my bike and I fell over on a hill. They are not comfortable and during long races I have to unbuckle the bottom slightly. The WORST part? THE BUCKLES!!! They are SO DIFFICULT to unbuckle AND buckle. At the end of a race I almost break a nail trying to undo them (and cannot even undo them all the way, i usually have to just wiggle out). Before a race is just as bad - I have to use a HAMMER or LARGE ROCK to get them to snap into place. I only own these boots because they were the lesser of the two evils when I was in the market for new boots because the bottom came off my last pair. I hope someone starts making quality boots for women again someday.

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