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  • SW-MOTECH TraX Alu-Box Evo Topcase

    SW-MOTECH TraX Alu-Box Evo Topcase

    VAN in IL

    Expensive but worth it

    The matching side cases came stock on my 2012 V Strom adventure. The top case is large enough to hold my size-large full face helmet and has a little room to spare. The case has been waterproof while riding in several downpours. It came with a dry bag but I haven't used it because it is slightly smaller than the topcase and would reduce its capacity. The topcase does not come with a lock but one can be purchased separately.

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  • SW-MOTECH Crash Bars/Engine Guards

    SW-MOTECH Crash Bars/Engine Guards

    chris in WI

    These are awesome

    Easy install, took myself and a buddy about an hour and a half. I haven't gone down yet so i don't know how well they work but they sure feel sturdy. All the bolts supplied were high quality and the directions easy to follow. Everybody who has an 08 to current KLR should have these on them. It did start a bad trend for me though, I've since installed a new exhaust, an aftermarket windshield, pannier rack and boxes and and I'm trying to find an excuse to buy a new set of 50/50's

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  • SW-MOTECH Aluminum Skid Plate

    SW-MOTECH Aluminum Skid Plate

    Robert in TN


    This plate fits great and looks great. I ran the LBL 200 with this plate and cased it on logs with no probems. I have beat it on parking blocks with no problems. Im very happy with this product.

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  • SW-MOTECH Alu-Rack Topcase Adapter Plate

    SW-MOTECH Alu-Rack Topcase Adapter Plate

    Matthew in FL

    Necessary product

    It's just necessary for mounting the trax top box but if I need this plate to mount that awesome box than this plate is awesome too!

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  • SW-MOTECH TraX Alu-Box Evo With Quick-Lock Sidecarrier Kit

    SW-MOTECH TraX Alu-Box Evo With Quick-Lock Sidecarrier Kit

    Stephen in Pennsylvania

    Save money over the long haul

    I've had the TRAX EVO/ALU 45L boxes for well over 25,000 miles and I am very pleased with them. After going through many cloth bags I decided to pull the trigger on them. I do have the TRAX drybags in them and all of my gear stays dry with the combined boxes and internal bags. I've ridden in some torrential downpours and some water gets in (a small amount). The lock system is not bad but I did have to replace one of them about one year later (under warranty). I can fit a lot of gear in both side boxes (keeping weight heavier on the sidestand side for parking stability). The boxes have saved the bike a couple of times from accidental drops. They are a little scraped up but for the mileage I have with them, I've saved money over purchasing cloth bags every year. (I ride 12k per year all season). I highly recommend them if you are a long distance or every day commuter.

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  • SW-MOTECH Center Stand

    SW-MOTECH Center Stand

    Gene in Pennsylvania

    A must have in my book.

    The SW-Motech centerstand is a must have addition to any true Adventure Motorcycle. Installation was easy and quick on my 2012 klr 650 it took me about a half hour working solo. It looks good on the bike and works perfect. Pay close attention to the instruction sheets step by step pictures and it will go on easy.

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