Dragonfire Racing ATV Parts: Body

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  • Dragonfire Racing Front Gusset Kit

    Dragonfire Racing Front Gusset Kit

    Brian in CA

    Great Poduct

    I had read on several of the UTV blogs about the weakness in the front end of the Rzr 900 XP. I thought i would be proactive and strengthen everything before being stuck out on the trail. All of the parts fit without any slop. All of the needed hardware was included. The directions were the week link. The black and white photos were just about useless. I whent onto the Dragonfire web site and found the directions with color photo's that made sense. Thanks to the RMATV crew for answering my question regarding the comapatibility with a winch. I have a Polaris winch and it bolted on around everything just great. I only had to take the hook off of the cable to feed it through an opening in one of the brackets. Otherwise it did not require and changes with the winch. Just remember to lubricate all of the zirk fittings on your front suspension when your done. I found that removing the frond plastic grill with the headlights gave me the best access. It to about an hour and a half to do the whole install.

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