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  • 6D ATR-1 Crusader Helmet

    6D ATR-1 Crusader Helmet

    Angel in TX

    does the job far better than others but fit is odd

    PRO: saved from a major crash when a tree moved into my path (walking trees). CON: it does not fit correctly even thought I measured as required over and over before and after purchasing to make sure I had the right size. it is the right size in most areas but it allows for the helmet to move forward and down my face. I looked at downsizing but the smaller version does not fit. I am sure this is not the first time this has happened to someone for 6D helmets. I have used 4 other brands without this type of problem. I will keep it because of the added features but I will upgrade when they have additional padding or some other type of cushion to improve on this issue.

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  • 6D ATR-1 Stealth Helmet

    6D ATR-1 Stealth Helmet

    Colton in UT

    Great Helmets!!

    I know the initial sticker shock is quite scary, but Believe me if your looking for a Premium helmet you can't Go wrong with the 6D!

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  • 6D ATR-1 Intruder Helmet

    6D ATR-1 Intruder Helmet

    Dean in NSW

    Great packaging, awesome protection, great helmet

    My opinion is that the helmet is better suited to people with a narrower head than a rounder head. My O'Neal Series 8 fits perfectly, but the 6D feels a little more narrow - still comfortable though. Easy to remove and refit cheek pads and lining. Fitting a helmet ejection system was simple too and the helmet has a notch to accommodate the system.

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