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  • EVS Tug Impact Riding Shorts

    EVS Tug Impact Riding Shorts

    dennis in NV

    Thin legs need not apply.

    Im 6'2, 210 with skinny chickens. Theres plenty of crotch room. Yep, I know right, TMI. They are a bit baggy in the legs, and the large fits like a size 33 waist. The pads on the sides dont seem to line up for a correct impact.

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  • EVS Tug Vented Riding Shorts

    EVS Tug Vented Riding Shorts

    Jimmie C in SC

    Comfortable and Cool

    They are great! Very comfortable and fit is good.

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  • EVS Tug Long Sleeve Shirt

    EVS Tug Long Sleeve Shirt

    Kevin in BC

    Not built for tall & thin

    I'm a fit 6', 160lbs. Since this is supposed to be a compression fit and I'm a thin guy I thought I'd get a size medium to make sure it fit tight like a compression fit shirt is supposed to. Anyways, the size medium fits snug enough. A large would definitely be too loose! The issue is that the shirt is way too short and the arms end about 4" before my wrists. Basically the fit of this is for short stocky guys.

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  • EVS Tug Padded Riding Shorts

    EVS Tug Padded Riding Shorts

    Paul in NM

    Great Shorts!

    I have been using these for about a year now and they are still holding up well. Several races and lots of practice riding. Would recommend and buy again. The extra padding is worth the $.

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  • EVS Sweat Beanie

    EVS Sweat Beanie

    Aaron in UT

    EVS Sweat Beanie

    Fits comfortably, makes putting on and taking off helmet easier, reduces swear in your face while riding, also makes helmet hair easy to manage, highly recommend for ladies with ear rings as well

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  • EVS CTR Cooling Vest

    EVS CTR Cooling Vest

    KEVIN in CA

    Vest has its limits

    Bought this vest for racing motocross in the summer heat. Raced with it on a 100+ degree day, kept me cool for the first 4 laps, after that it felt like a heater, race lasted 6 laps. I hated life the last lap. Works great for a short period of time.

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