FMF ATV Parts: Fuel and Air Intake Systems

FMF ATV Parts: Fuel and Air Intake Systems

FMF ATV Parts: Carburetor Jets

FMF ATV Parts: Fuel Controllers

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  • FMF EFI Power Programmer Kit

    FMF EFI Power Programmer Kit

    Roger in IN

    Easily tunable

    This took approximately 15 minutes to install. Easy to use. Noticed improvements right at start up

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    Michael in CA


    I was a little hesitant about the claims for such a simple modification. Snap works as claimed. Improved bottom end torque and low end throttle response. Simple installation, anyone can do it. Fits snug on my KTM and will not vibrate out as some reviews say. One of the best improvements for the dollar I have done.

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  • FMF Jet Kit

    FMF Jet Kit

    DAVID in FL

    great kit, starts good, better power

    The engine and exhaust are stock. The carb had some jetting problems, old fuel, bad fuel, alcohol. This fixed the problems. Runs great, no starting problems, no hesitation on hard hits, more power. Follow the directions! Especially if you are an accomplished mechanic! The jet sizes are labeled differently from stock and it fits together a little differently than you would expect. Good trouble shooting guide. The only thing that I had to change up was the pilot jet. Moved from stock (I think 32?) to a 50.

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  • FMF Boost Bottle

    FMF Boost Bottle

    ben in OR

    save your money!

    This thing caused nothing but trouble! It sets so close to the head that it will eat a hole in no time at all! had to wire it back off the head even then it still rubs the fuel line which left me stranded in the middle of st.Antony's sand dunes! there is no power change ether save the money and get something worth the money!!

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