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  • Shinko 705 Rear Dual Sport Motorcycle Tire

    Shinko 705 Rear Dual Sport Motorcycle Tire

    James in SA

    Happy Camper

    I bought a set of these for a 4,500km adventure ride from Adelaide to Canberra and back on my Honda NC700S. Approximately half was on sealed roads, 40% on formed dirt roads and 10% on dirt tracks and off-piste. The front was amazing - never once did I think it was about to let go. The rear though was pretty easy to step out of line, but probably more a reflection of the weight bias on the NC700S. They were great on high-speed dirt roads, but as expected, challenging in deep sand. On sealed roads they're quiet enough, and allowed me to drag the pegs through a brilliant 70km stretch of switchbacks. I'd rate these tyres 60/40 sealed/unsealed. They've now done 6,000km and the rear probably has another 1,500km in it till the wear bars. I expect the front will last two or three rear tyre changes.

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  • Shinko SR241 Series Trials Tire

    Shinko SR241 Series Trials Tire

    DAN in CO

    super tire

    get them. great price great tire

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  • Shinko 244 Series Dual Sport Tire

    Shinko 244 Series Dual Sport Tire

    David in TX

    Great off road, Poor on road.

    I purchased this tire as a replacement for the stock front Dunlop K270. I ride mostly to work, 13 to and 4 miles from on all pavement. The reason for the purchase was for hunting season. I utilize my motorcycle to deer hunt and was looking for a bit more aggressive front tire for off road and the purchase was made mid season. On road performance is dicey. It feels as if you are riding in sand. The front tire is all over the place. I have checked for loose bolts and all the normal things. Off road the tire performs excellently and i have absolutely no complaints in sand, powder dirt, dirt, gravel, and rock. I have tried all combinations of tire pressures, from the manufactures suggested pressure to the bike pressure, above and below. To no avail the tire still feels like sand. The tire does seem to be better after 5-10 miles on the highway, however it is not as good as the stock tire, and I am very hesitance to go over 60 mph or take a corner as I did with the k270, in West Texas this is an issue since the slowest speed limit is 65 mph. I installed the tire at 6,828 miles and right now i have 7, 480 miles. The tire started with 11/32 and is now down to 10/32. Because of the on road performance I will not purchase this same tire and will be removing this one soon and choosing another tire. It was extremely easy to install, and was balanced right out of the box. As always shipping was super fast and very effective.

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  • Shinko Trail Pro 255 Radial Trials Tire

    Shinko Trail Pro 255 Radial Trials Tire

    Emery in TX

    First trials tire ever used

    Riding in central Texas on land suitable for goats and rattlesnakes. Tire has performed flawlessly on the limestone base and feels like cheating on the stair step shelves. I run 8psi and haven't had any issues. Not the greatest tire when getting into the black soil or mud but wasn't expecting an all around tire either. Will definitely purchase again...great performance for the price.

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  • Shinko 705 Front Dual Sport Motorcycle Tire

    Shinko 705 Front Dual Sport Motorcycle Tire

    Michael in Virginia

    Good Tire

    These tires are really good for the money. I replaced the OEM tires with them and they are for sure better on the road. I use my motorcycle as my main transportation so I ride rain, shine, cold or hot and the tires grip really well in all conditions. I don't give it 5 stars because where the front tire was "stamped" with the tire info was not clean lines, it was jagged and actually looked like the tire had a rip or something. That is just cosmetic and for the money I will buy again and again. I haven't done a lot of off-roading but the little I did do they gripped pretty good. no issues. I have over 2,000 miles on them and tread still looks almost new.

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