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  • KTM OEM Lever Set

    KTM OEM Lever Set

    jeromy in NE

    great value

    the kit gives you a great value for forged levers & accessories. If you're buying non forged levers, buy 5 if you're going to ride anywhere other than to the mailbox & the end of the neighborhood.

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  • KTM Forged Clutch Lever

    KTM Forged Clutch Lever

    jeromy in NE

    do not settle for cast levers.

    Forged levers are a ton more economical in the long run. I'm happy with the performance of these levers.

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  • KTM Factory Fuel Pump Connection

    KTM Factory Fuel Pump Connection

    jeromy in NE

    Why is this not OEM?

    I really needed this for the thick nasties that I rid in. It's a fair value for what you get. I upgraded to fuel injection rated clamps before I installed mine instead of using the standard worm drive clamps that were included. Installation was super easy. New low profile is fantastic.

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  • KTM Rally Jacket 2014

    KTM Rally Jacket 2014

    Ugurcan in MO


    It is very light,and durable and looks very smart.

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  • KTM Racing T-Shirt

    KTM Racing T-Shirt

    Joe in OH

    Nice shirt but...

    Nice shirt but material was thin. Good if you are looking for a light shirt but wont hold up on race day.

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  • KTM 415 MX Racing Chain

    KTM 415 MX Racing Chain

    jon in AZ

    Oem racing chain

    The chain work spray but with the combination of Brocketts I bought it is a little long. I am running 11 46. I would suggest going 1246 or 1147 to make the chain fit better. With the sprockets that I have it is all the way at the end of the adjustments when brand new but if I cut a link off it would be too short.

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