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  • Pro Armor Pro Series ATV Tether Kill Switch

    Pro Armor Pro Series ATV Tether Kill Switch

    Dave in ON

    Good kill switch

    I run these on all my quads. They do last more than one season but it's good assurance if you're racing to switch these yearly to insure it functions properly and you don't get a DNF.

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  • Pro Armor Frame Armor

    Pro Armor Frame Armor

    James in PA

    Fits Well, Looks Great

    This skid fits very well on my Raptor 700r and is a great upgrade from the stock plastic unit. I mounted the plate and went for a ride and the plate vibrated very bad and caused a horrible noise. I purchased some sticky backed weather stripping from Lowes and added it to the unit where it came in contact with the underside of the ATV and I haven't had an issue since. The cutouts also make cleaning easier as the mud and dirt can fall through the bottom of the plate. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to upgrade their stock skid guard.

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  • Pro Armor Swing Arm Armor

    Pro Armor Swing Arm Armor

    Dustin in LA


    I have the whole frame covered from front to back and this is by far a great product buy it, you won't regret it.

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  • Pro Armor 5-Point 2" Safety Harness With Sewn In Pads

    Pro Armor 5-Point 2" Safety Harness With Sewn In Pads

    Mathew in NC

    Lacks mounting hardware

    This may be specific to the RZR 4 800 but when removing the stock rear seat belts, the bolt is not removable from the seat belt retraction mechanism, therefore you have to find replacement bolts and nuts. I did however use the bolt and nut from the shoulder mount for the seat belt which isn't a good fit but its a temp fix.

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  • Pro Armor Suicide Doors

    Pro Armor Suicide Doors

    stephen in OK

    Waste of money unless there is a warranty I don't

    The doors look cool but bent very easy on minor tips and rock riding. The latches are junk and that is being nice. I'm on my second set in a year. I need a whole passenger frame after a tip over on a powdered sand hill. I feel like I paid a lot of money for a product that I get no guarantee.

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  • Pro Armor Grab Bar

    Pro Armor Grab Bar

    Brian in OH

    Pro Armour Grab bar

    This grab bar is wonderful.. The thicker make up of the grab bar is nice and very durable. Definitely recommend this grab bar to anyone looking for a new one or a replacement.

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