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  • Tusk Adjustable Width Racing Axle

    Tusk Adjustable Width Racing Axle

    Geoff in ON

    No replacement sprocket hubs, loose crown nuts!

    I do not race, only trails. I have roughly 5 months of usage on this axle and have recently noticed my sprocket hub splines are wearing out. Phoned up Rocky Mountain, and asked if they sell replacement sprocket hubs for this axle. Was told they do not unfortunately. The sprocket hubs come attached to the axle and I would have to spend $200 for a new axle and hub everytime it wears out. I'm going with higher, more expensive brand that has replacement sprocket hubs. Also, once a month or so, the crown nuts has to be tightened again. Spacers start to roll as an indication axle hubs are loose. Very annoying!! And yes, I replace he cotter pins with brand new ones everytime tighten the crown nuts.

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  • Tusk Gas Tank Vent Valve

    Tusk Gas Tank Vent Valve

    Evan in NH

    Gas vent

    Worked as stated. No issues

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  • Tusk RZR Overhead Storage & Map Bag

    Tusk RZR Overhead Storage & Map Bag

    Evan in NH

    Tusk Overhead storage bag!

    Money well spent! Couldn't be happier I went with this over the polaris bag! So much room, easy to install and doesn't move once installed! And looks great!

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  • Tusk Cargo Anchor

    Tusk Cargo Anchor

    Evan in NH


    For how cheap these were compared to polaris I was nervous. But they work great and still look brand new! Haven't shown signs of rust or wear! Works as stated with very easy install.

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  • Tusk UTV Mirror Kit

    Tusk UTV Mirror Kit

    Evan in NH

    Tusk mirror

    I'm using it as a rearview mirror! Works great, fit great and doesn't move at all over bumps. Quality is top notch! Better then ones that cost more! Can't go wrong!

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  • Tusk UTV Horizontal Flag Mount

    Tusk UTV Horizontal Flag Mount

    Evan in NH

    Used as mount for mirror

    Is a quality and durable piece! Even came with rubber piece to go between mount and roll bar so it's not metal on metal and chip! Was very impressed!

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