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  • Wiseco Piston Kit

    Wiseco Piston Kit

    JORDAN in OH

    liking it

    i always was a stickler for running the vertex since that is what ktm came with, after trying this out it seems to run just as good and it was much easier to install the circlips than my previous vertex was.

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  • Wiseco Piston Wristpin Bearing

    Wiseco Piston Wristpin Bearing

    Lori in PA


    Fits perfectly and Wiseco is a great and reliable company

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  • Wiseco Piston Replacement Wristpin

    Wiseco Piston Replacement Wristpin

    Randall in NC

    2001 yz125

    Wiseco Wristpin, Bearings and Piston have always worked well

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  • Wiseco Big Bore Replacement Piston

    Wiseco Big Bore Replacement Piston

    corey in WV

    High Quailty

    Light weight and made my bike run really well. Easy installation came with instructions and a sticker pack. That is what you should expect for the best. Wiseco and RM

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  • Wiseco Piston Replacement Circlip

    Wiseco Piston Replacement Circlip


    just a circlip

    high quality clip..

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  • Wiseco Big Bore 440 Kit

    Wiseco Big Bore 440 Kit

    Jacob in TN

    RMATV customer service and product performance

    Very dissappointed in the knowledge of the RM sales team. They told me that all I would have to do (to my 2004 400ex) was press out the old sleeve and press the new one in, however that was not the case. The machine shop had to press out the old one, bore and counter bore the cylinder in order to press the new sleeve in, then after getting the cylinder back I went to put it all together just to find out that the sleeve had to be bored to the piston also. Wasn't very costly to have done ( about $120) but would've been nice to have known all this from the start. Wisecos 440 big bore kit is the bomb tho, along with hot cams stage 2 cam and a dyno jet jet kit my quad is wicked fast.

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