Tourmaster Dual Sport Motorcycle Jackets

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  • Tourmaster Select Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves

    Tourmaster Select Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves

    Rob in CO


    As always it was a seamless purchase from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC.

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  • Tourmaster Defender 2-Piece Rain Suit

    Tourmaster Defender 2-Piece Rain Suit

    Amy in Wisconsin

    Best rainsuit fo all kinds of activities

    Bought a set for my husband and a set for me about a year ago. We ride ATV year round and live in a four season climate that ranges from 80 down to -10. These rainsuits not only keep you dry, but do a great job of keeping out the wind. We have worn them in fairly heavy rain while out riding the trail as well as on a 23 degree snowy day at a football game. Over the years we have tried a number of different rainsuits, and I used to hate having to put on bad raingear. None have had the quality, comfort or durability of the Tourmaster suits, which I don't mind wearing because they keep me dry and warm when needed. I like the longer length of the jacket, the concealed hood (which also keeps out the water when you wear it) and the suspenders on the pants which help to keep the chill from creeping up your back when riding. Also love all the pockets--can you add some interior pockets as well? These suits are well worth the price paid.

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  • Tourmaster Transition Series 3 Motorcycle Jacket

    Tourmaster Transition Series 3 Motorcycle Jacket

    Yves in AB

    Perfect fit

    I have a xl tall jacket. The tall seize make all the difference to me. The air vent are so so as they close back some times. Jacket is very warm with the liner. I did not use this jacket in the rain but i know i need rain gear. I dont think any jacket is really waterproof even if they say so. Yes i would buy this again.

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  • Tourmaster Caliber Motorcycle Pants

    Tourmaster Caliber Motorcycle Pants

    KELL in OR

    Nice pants but the zipper failed on third ride...

    Pants seem to be good quality and well thought out however the zipper popped apart on the third ride. The way its stitched in doesnt allow for it to be "restarted" at the bottom of the zipper so I have been in contact with RM and Tourmaster to get it sorted out. My friend also had the same issue on his pair, unfortunately he forgot to mention that to me before I purchased mine...

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  • Tourmaster Synergy 2.0 Electric Leather Motorcycle Gloves

    Tourmaster Synergy 2.0 Electric Leather Motorcycle Gloves

    Joseph in MS

    Finally I can ride in comfort!

    I've been riding for two years now and the bike is my only way to go. I've got goosedown jackets and carhartt pants and insulated boots and a full face. I had insulated leather gloves. but after about 5mins. if it was cooler than 55 degree, you could count on the fact that you were going to get colder and colder each minute until you arrived. After saving up for and doing large amounts of research about these gloves, I decided to go ahead and get them. Installation took 5 mins. They are a little snug, but I understand that any leather item has a break-in period. I turned the heat all the way up and began to ride. 40 degrees outside. 30 minutes later of highway speeds on my shadow, IM CONVINCED! It gets hot enough that you have to turn it back down. I feel as though I could ride for days now. Extremely satisfied with performance, quality and the new quality of riding life.

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  • Tourmaster Synergy 2.0 Heated Insoles

    Tourmaster Synergy 2.0 Heated Insoles

    james in NC

    Toasty toes

    The Synergy insoles completed my heated gears ability to keep me warm in the coldest weather. I ride year around and have bought heated gear a piece or two at a time. Now my gear is complete with the addition of the insoles and can't wait for the cold so I can try them out.

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