Husqvarna Dual Sport Motorcycle Jackets

Husqvarna Dual Sport Motorcycle Jackets

Husqvarna Mens Dual Sport Motorcycle Jackets

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  • Husqvarna Frame Decals

    Husqvarna Frame Decals

    Wayne in NSW

    Great quality, needed trimming

    not sure why they are cut the way they are as they don't meet the tank with the same angle and look funny. trimmed them to the same angle as the tank which make them look heaps better

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  • Husqvarna Off Road Boots

    Husqvarna Off Road Boots

    Cowboy145 in Georgia

    Excellant for the price

    The boots are actually the same as a Forma Dominator TX. I have always ridden in Italian boots. I have narrow feet. From the reviews I heard the toe box was big. It's a little big, but once I started riding I never noticed. I love these boots. I ride a Honda and not a Husky. They were definitely worth the money I saved.

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