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  • Klotz Chain Lube

    Klotz Chain Lube

    CHERIE in MI


    simply amazing. I watched this product loosen a chain that was completely seized up in a couple minutes. will buy again

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  • Klotz Foam Air Filter Oil

    Klotz Foam Air Filter Oil

    Von in AZ


    The only positive is the smell. Other than that the oil is not viscous or tacky. In the hot AZ weather when my bike is left in the garage I find .a pool of oil on the ground. At first I thought I had a counter shaft seal leak but it is actually the filter oil dripping off of the filter and down the side of my bike. I don't over oil, in fact I probably under oil my filters. This is the only oil I have used that does this. The can also shoots a steady pin point stream that is hard to coat the filter with. Should be a wide stream to coat more easily

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  • Klotz Benol Racing Castor 2-Stroke Oil

    Klotz Benol Racing Castor 2-Stroke Oil

    DAVID in NJ

    The only oil I'll use

    I've used this for 10+ years. Offers great protection and does not gum power valves up.

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  • Klotz Super Techniplate 2-Stroke Oil

    Klotz Super Techniplate 2-Stroke Oil

    Casey in IA

    Best premix ever!

    I switched over to Klotz years ago and I have never fouled a plug since. Stuff smells GREAT, almost no smoke, burns clean. I would never switch back! Cant get enough of this!

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