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  • KTM Fat Bar Pad

    KTM Fat Bar Pad

    Nicholas in CO

    Fits great, good looking, good padding

    Slides right into place, looks great, if it someday saves me from impact it will be money well spent

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  • KTM SXS Factory Pipe

    KTM SXS Factory Pipe

    keith in CO

    Smashed first race

    I race offroad... this pipe took a relatively soft hit and completely smashed the bottom near the neck... this also pushed the neck in and creased the neck. Still works but found that I had almost no power on the top but still had pretty decent bottom. The OEM worked great with rocks and hits... so I must assume some material strength differences... That being said... Before smashed pipe happened... this pipe was nasty on the track... great killer low end. With lots of over rev power... I wish it was same shape with 18 ga steel.

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  • KTM Fork Protection Sticker Kit

    KTM Fork Protection Sticker Kit

    Michael in IL

    Look Good but bubble

    I have tried 2 sets of these and they just won't go on straight. The first set bubbled badly and pealed up. (the pealing may have been due to the temperature) the second set I got to go on without much bubbling but they over lap on the inside bottom and never meet on the top. I tried about 5 different ways and they are just cut wrong for the shape of the fork.

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  • KTM OEM Lever Set

    KTM OEM Lever Set

    jeromy in NE

    great value

    the kit gives you a great value for forged levers & accessories. If you're buying non forged levers, buy 5 if you're going to ride anywhere other than to the mailbox & the end of the neighborhood.

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  • KTM Forged Clutch Lever

    KTM Forged Clutch Lever

    jeromy in NE

    do not settle for cast levers.

    Forged levers are a ton more economical in the long run. I'm happy with the performance of these levers.

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  • KTM Factory Fuel Pump Connection

    KTM Factory Fuel Pump Connection

    jeromy in NE

    Why is this not OEM?

    I really needed this for the thick nasties that I rid in. It's a fair value for what you get. I upgraded to fuel injection rated clamps before I installed mine instead of using the standard worm drive clamps that were included. Installation was super easy. New low profile is fantastic.

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