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  • Maier Rear Fender

    Maier Rear Fender

    Scott in MI

    looks good

    Bought these in black, was happy with them other then a lot of small scratch marks (not a big deal) but would of liked to seen them better taken care of looked like a lot was just from shipping and packing them, also was missing some hard ware due to the box having a hole in it from shipping. other then that was happy with them. would not recommend them in black due to the scratching of them.

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  • Maier Front Fender, Racing Style

    Maier Front Fender, Racing Style

    Chris in MI

    Very Nice

    Had no issue with fitment. Looks much nicer than the original beat up one.

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  • Maier Scooped Hood

    Maier Scooped Hood

    Michael in NV

    Drop on and ride!!

    Great product. Looks and fits great.

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  • Maier Front Fender

    Maier Front Fender

    Michael in NV

    Good but not perfect fit

    The front fender mounted easily but not as perfect as the OEM. Great finish, just needed a little adjusting. My RZR has been through many races and desert trails though, so your might fit better. Great product.

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  • Maier Front Fender, Standard Style

    Maier Front Fender, Standard Style

    JOE in NY

    Not bad

    Colors r off a lil, nice how the warning labels can be peeled off rather than drilled out

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  • Maier One-Piece Roof

    Maier One-Piece Roof

    M. in CA

    Hard Plastic Top

    The product appears to be well formed to the UTV and bolts down by four (4) screws and form-fitted clamps. The clamps are tight at first and required two people to mount to the UTV, but once on the top worked well. I would buy the top again but I would like a better description of how the top was to be applied. The photos were dark, but with a little thinking the top went on without much effort.

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