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  • Armadillo Replacement A-Arm Ball Joint

    Armadillo Replacement A-Arm Ball Joint


    great quality

    seems to be showing no signs of wear and tear after 2 years of abuse

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  • Armadillo Stock A-Arm Guards

    Armadillo Stock A-Arm Guards

    Tyler in Wisconsin

    Work Great

    I didn't plan on flipping my ATV into a creek, but accidents happen. Once I got up, I realized that my A-arms were in-tact after hitting a few rocks on the way in due to these guards.

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  • Armadillo Swing Arm Guard

    Armadillo Swing Arm Guard

    Casey in TX

    Excellent Swing Arm Plate

    Have this on my 08 Raptor 700R, can't say enough good things about this plate. It has a perfect fit, very thick, and the aluminum seems to be a perfect balance between hard and soft so it doesn't crack or bend to easy. Something that I really like about this plate was that that the chain guard is long and the wear strip is just as long, not a shorty like some of the others where something could catch the front of the guard easier. This being said, one thing I would have like to have seen was the square corners cut at a 45 degree angle on the front. I can easily do it myself. The squareness seems like it would be prone to catch though.

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  • Armadillo Chromoly A-Arms +2"

    Armadillo Chromoly A-Arms +2"

    mike in Ohio

    withstood a crash

    well this is my second review as I had to share this with other riders considering buying these a arms. I bought these a arms about 6-7 yrs ago and have been on my quad since performing very well and still do after all this. story goes is I was out riding with some friends on some private property we were allowed to ride at. we all were experience riders of many years and we tend to ride a little fast through the woods. well I was first in line and we were cruising pretty good on a windy turny trail. well this particular day some one unknown to us and wasn't supposed to be on the property parked his quad right in the middle of the trail on a turn. I came around the corner ripping in 3rd gear and bam! plowed right into the right side of the parked quad sending me flying and busting both our quads up. I bent the tie rods, folded a rim over, bent the handlebars, twisted my dg bumper, busted one of the ball joints, snapped the end cap of my hmf exhaust off and not to mention I was sore for weeks. well after I got my quad apart, and thoroughly checked and measured my frame for straightness (thank god is wasn't bent or twisted at all and I don't know how) I figured my a arms were toast but after mounting them on a spare frame I had that was perfectly straight I was completely surprised! they hadn't bent a mm!!! did a ton of measuring and nothing was out of whack! other than a busted ball joint they came out of the accident untouched! not even a crack around any welds! long story short they are by far some top notch a arms In my book and I would highly recommend them

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  • Armadillo Full Chassis Skid Plate

    Armadillo Full Chassis Skid Plate


    Good skid plate

    Had this for year it's taken a beating and still as good as the day I bought it.

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  • Armadillo Water Bottle Relocator With Sparkplug Holder

    Armadillo Water Bottle Relocator With Sparkplug Holder

    JOE in NY

    Love it

    Looks great, easy install, great price!

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