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  • Maxima Chain Guard Care Kit

    Maxima Chain Guard Care Kit

    jeromy in NE

    2 out of 3 ain't bad

    I don't like the chain lube included in this package much when I compare it to a couple others I prefer. This stuff is messy & I'm not nearly a clean bike guy. Even with 20-30 minutes of set up time I have terrible fling off. I get nasty wheels/hubs & this stuff all over. The other 2 products are awesome.

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  • Maxima Cool-Aide

    Maxima Cool-Aide

    Dave in CO

    1997 WR250

    Coolant works as claimed. No freeze protection however.

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  • Maxima Chain Wax

    Maxima Chain Wax

    Eric in UT

    Best, does not fling off

    Use on KTM 530 and Yamaha FZ1. Never flings off. Others leave a mess from wheel to wheel. This is the best.

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  • Maxima Air Filter Cleaner

    Maxima Air Filter Cleaner

    Jimmie C in SC

    Great stuff

    Enviro friendly and easy to work with. Works a little slower but does the job. I reuse after filtering dirty cleaner.

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  • Maxima Foam Air Filter Oil

    Maxima Foam Air Filter Oil

    Tibbits in UT


    Use disposable gloves when applying to your filter! Ridiculously tacky but that's what I need to trap all that desert moon dust.

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  • Maxima Suspension Clean

    Maxima Suspension Clean

    Chris in FL

    Works Great

    Worked great for cleaning suspension parts when changing fork seals. No residue. The parts looked like new. I also used it on the outside of the forks to remove old glue residue from old decals. This stuff is great!

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