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  • Scott Radial Full Waffle Grips

    Scott Radial Full Waffle Grips

    Jacob in AZ


    Good install on my bike. Look really nice and are tacky with my gloves on. Will say though if you drop your bike on your side a lot like i do prepare to buy grips again. First time i went over i gouged a nice hole in them. Wouldn't recommend for new riders.

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  • Scott SX II Grips with Donuts

    Scott SX II Grips with Donuts

    Shaun in TX


    Great Price. Only grips i'll buy and the donuts help to keep you from getting blisters

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  • Scott Diamond Grips with Donuts

    Scott Diamond Grips with Donuts

    Steven in MD

    NO good for larger hands, Flange folds in to hands

    I think Scott miss the mark with these grips. I have used MX2 grips for years and decided to give these a try for the multiple compound rubber. The major flaw with these grips is that the Inside flange flares into your hands instead of away and towards the center of the bike. The grips are shorter than what I am used to as well. My hand kept getting on top of the flange and it kept getting folded under my index finger area. If I used the donuts the grip length was just decreased that much more. They feel really short and my L/XL glove sized hand took up the whole grip. I checked the MX2 I have on my MX bike and they are in fact a little longer. I would NOT RECOMMEND these for anyone whom has a larger hand. Compound was good however.

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  • Scott Deuce Grips With Donuts

    Scott Deuce Grips With Donuts

    Linh in IA

    Great look and performance

    They look nice and i like how they come with the grip donut! Also pretty cheap grips

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  • Scott Duffle Gear Bag

    Scott Duffle Gear Bag

    Chase in Utah

    I've had this bag for a year, it's been great!

    This really is a fantastic bag. Before purchasing this, I actually ordered a couple other bags that were $100 more than the Scott, and ended up sending both of them back. As soon as the Scott arrived I knew I had made the right choice. The boot compartment is the perfect fit for my tech 10's, and the separate helmet compartment has a nice wide opening to get the helmet in and out easily. Only real complaint is the lack of a shoulder strap, and the wheels really should have had a straight axle connecting the two wheels. When fully loaded, the plastic base holding the wheels bends, causing the bag to drag. All in all I would definitely buy this bag again, Even if the price were $150ish Pros: Separate boot and helmet compartments High quality zippers Goggle pouch on the top Document pouch (good for race license and bike registration) Plenty big enough to fit all your gear Cons: No shoulder strap The wheels don't have an axle, so they flex and the bag drags.

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  • Scott Helmet Bag 2012

    Scott Helmet Bag 2012

    Randy in TX

    Pluses & Minuses

    Not a lot of padding and it takes a bit more effort than a more conventional helmet bag to get your lid into it. On the other hand the mesh panel allows for some air circulation whereas most conventional bag do not. It'll certainly protect your helmet from scratches but I wouldn't want to subject it to the drop test. I use it for my Fox "loaner" helmet and for that and the price it works fine. For my Shoei I use a Klim bag.

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