V-Force ATV Accessories: Fuel and Air Intake Systems

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  • V-Force 3 Reed Valve

    V-Force 3 Reed Valve

    Alan in UT

    Good Reeds

    I bought these for my boys 1990 CR 125 and wow what a difference it made in his bike so I bought them for my 2003. They did make it a little smoother through the power band and did give it a little more low end. I would not buy them unless your reeds need to be replaced anyway. I would however buy them over just new reeds because it does help out the power to be allot smoother.

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  • V-Force Air4orce Intake System

    V-Force Air4orce Intake System


    good power

    good power on the bottom end. very noticeable power after first ride. did not have to re-jet. would be great if lower priced for the power gained. so power to price was a negative.

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  • V-Force 3 Replacement Reeds

    V-Force 3 Replacement Reeds

    Chad in AZ


    A direct OEM replacement.

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