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  • Pod MX K300 Knee Brace Pair

    Pod MX K300 Knee Brace Pair

    Jim in Arizona

    Knee cups

    I purchased the knee braces and went on 5 rides when I noticed the left knee cup retainer was broken. The retainer is plastic, not very well designed for an area that will obviously receive impact. I haven't crashed where the knee cup would have taken a severe impact, now I have doubts that in a severe crash the knee cup would provide adiquate protection. There was no warrantee offered on the product.

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  • Pod MX K700 Knee Brace Left

    Pod MX K700 Knee Brace Left

    DAVID in GA


    I have worn a variety of off the shelf and prescription braces and these are by far the most comfortable and supportive I have used.

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  • Pod MX K300 Knee Brace Right

    Pod MX K300 Knee Brace Right

    Ethan in California

    Best knee brace

    The pod knee brace is the most comfortable knee brace I've ever rode with, and the most derable. You barily notice it being there. It also really helps on thoughts hard landings.

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  • Pod MX K300 Knee Brace Left

    Pod MX K300 Knee Brace Left

    SCOTT in NV


    super comfy and secure feeling. easy to adjust, durable.

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  • Pod MX K700 Knee Brace Pair

    Pod MX K700 Knee Brace Pair

    Christian in GA

    pod mx fox k700knee brace-pair-vs-asterisk-pair

    just purchased a leatt-club kneck brace and pod/fox k700 pair of braces...front tire went flat and i didnt know it was flat till I landed front wheel 1st off of a step-up jump... crashed @ aprox. 25 mph. and landed head 1st right knee 2nd... leatt-club did its job well but the right knee cup dislocated 100% (as it probably was designed too) and the left top upper most quad strap snapped in half... i walked away done for the day with only a sprained left wrist(healed in 36hrs.) and a sore right shoulder (took 3 days to heal)... i bought the asterisks 1st and wore around the living room for an hour and felt like frankenstein @ the knees... I sent them back to r.mtn. atv/mc an got a refund toward the better pod k700s...only brace better would be rx. custom built cti's... but I have no insurance...next purchase = wrist braces by EVS...silver account level buyer... oh yeh the knee cup clicked rite back in and I had a local tailor sew the snapped/ripped strap for $6.42...

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