Odi ATV Accessories: Handlebar-Control

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  • Odi ATV Lock-On Grips - Ruffian

    Odi ATV Lock-On Grips - Ruffian

    John in IL

    nice product

    These work great but the grip feels a little small. I've also used the Rogue pattern and prefer those. I changed my rating to average. These grips have not seen a lot of use but the rubber is wearing pretty quickly. The original grips lasted ten years and now with only occasional use they are showing a lot of wear. UPDATE: The atv on which these grips are mounted has not been seeing heavy use but the grips continue to wear rapidly. I like them but considering how quickly they are wearing I would not buy them again.

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  • Odi ATV Lock-On Grips - Rogue

    Odi ATV Lock-On Grips - Rogue

    Joe in NY


    really nice grips, soft and cushy. the deep tread design is nice as well. the fact that no glue or squeezing and sliding of the grip for installation far outweighs the minor cost compared to other grips. slide a clamp on, slide the grip on and put the other clamp on and tighten them down and boom you are done and out riding again, also makes it easy to change grip patterns on the fly. unbolt one switch em out and tighten. I love these things.

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  • Odi ATV Lock-On Grips - X-Treme

    Odi ATV Lock-On Grips - X-Treme

    DWAYNE in UT


    Man these grips is awesome! Soft, yet not sticky. Makes me feel like spiderman! These even help dampen the vibration a bit, which is always good on long rides, less fatigue

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