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  • EBC Brake Pad - Severe Duty

    EBC Brake Pad - Severe Duty

    Chad in PA

    Quality product

    Perfect fit no problems no squeaking and stops the raptor in its tracks Great quality product I'm a weekend warrior and I've had em for a year and they still look like they have plenty left to give

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  • EBC Clutch Kit

    EBC Clutch Kit

    Cindy in MD


    Plates were great but the springs were the wrong length. It still dragged after the rebuild(with a hinson basket) so i switched the springs for the oem ones. The clutch now works perfect so just make sure you check if the new springs are in spec

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  • EBC MXS Brake Pad - Sintered Metal

    EBC MXS Brake Pad - Sintered Metal

    Matt in GA

    Don't bother with anything else

    I've tried everything else, these last longer and brake better.

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  • EBC Brake Pad - Sintered Double H

    EBC Brake Pad - Sintered Double H

    Chris in NC

    Give me a Brake

    Not much to say, but I like these pads. Will buy again.

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  • EBC Clutch Spring Set

    EBC Clutch Spring Set

    Matt in NV

    these work as they should

    Springs are good but do not couple them with a Tusk clutch for an XR650R

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  • EBC DRC-F Clutch Kit

    EBC DRC-F Clutch Kit

    Benjamin in MO

    Great Product

    I have had this product for a long time now and all I can say is wow! The heavier springs could not tell a difference in clutch pull...I did some sand drags with this clutch at 55 hp and it just hooked up no slipping almost fell off the back of the quad because it sent all the power to the ground immediately....Best clutch product I will buy this until its discontinued!

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