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  • SLP 1/2" D-Ring and Stinger Combo

    SLP 1/2" D-Ring and Stinger Combo

    John in NY


    heavy duty, was able to pull out my friend from deep mud on his can-am 800 outlander and held up great

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  • SLP Stock Vent Pre-Filter Kit

    SLP Stock Vent Pre-Filter Kit

    casey in CA


    Fit & finish were great, keeps the larger stuff out of my air box. Overall very satisfied with SLP's pre filter's

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  • SLP High Flow Intake Kit

    SLP High Flow Intake Kit


    does not seal to airbox

    Called SLP and they said its not designed to seal to the air box, just stop large debris from entering the air box. What good is a high flow kit if its going to let dirt and sand directly into the air box fairly freely?? STAY AWAY!!!!

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  • SLP Trail Clutch Kit

    SLP Trail Clutch Kit

    JAMES in PA

    Best RZR 800 Performance Mod Bar None!

    The new Team secondary the kit comes with has a special removable helix which adds engine braking. This plus a lower engagement RPM adds a tremendous benefit for those that ride in hilly areas. If you need more braking than the kit provides, SLP can also modify your clutch and add a one way bearing. Most are finding out, it is not needed and that the kit is sufficient. If you go to larger tires, this kit can also readjust your powerband back where it needs to be. The only negative is that the rivets are not easily installed and removed. But once set up, they should not have to ever be adjusted again unless you change tire size or do other power mods.

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  • SLP Intake Grate

    SLP Intake Grate

    janice in KY


    Could look a little better for the price

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  • SLP Wheel Spacers

    SLP Wheel Spacers

    janice in KY

    1.5 inches.

    Fit great

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