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  • Talon Billet Rim Lock

    Talon Billet Rim Lock

    ALAN in CA

    Looks Works - but I wouldn't recommend

    This is definitely the coolest looking rim lock that I've ever owned. I bought a complete rim/hub/tire combo on Craigslist and this rim lock was in it. Unfortunately - it has sharp edges on the corners and I've now suffered two flats because the edges of this rim lock wears a hole in the tub on the inside. The first time it happened I tried to glue some thick tubing on the top surface so the tube wouldn't come in contact with these sharp corners - but it didn't work and I ended up with another flat on the trail. So I had to do a trail-side repair because of this thing and I've got to throw away an otherwise perfectly fine heavy-duty tube that this rim lock punctured. (I've got a rule that you never run a tub with a patch on it). So I wouldn't recommend running this rim lock in your rim. I'll be throwing mine away.

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  • Talon Rear Alloy Sprocket

    Talon Rear Alloy Sprocket

    NICK in PA

    Well built

    I bought this sprocket with a primary drive chain and it seems to be holding up good so far after 3 good rides on it. Def light weight and the finish matches the bike and looks awesome. def will be buying this again.

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  • Talon Front Sprocket

    Talon Front Sprocket

    James in TX

    Love these sprockets

    good quality sprocket , first one wore really well. very durable

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