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  • EFX MotoClaw Radial ATV Tire

    EFX MotoClaw Radial ATV Tire

    Rob in MD

    rear tites only

    These things are beasts. very rigid sidewall and aggressive treads. These do not measure out 27inches as claimed but only about 26.25inches. They are heavy at 36lbs per tire but they ride nice. Mine are balanced with dyna beads and have no issues up to 58mph. You will need to run them at 8 to 10lbs of pressure not the 22 that is listed on the sidewall. I don't think there is a stronger tire out there and for trail riding I would use no other. I would like to see a 27/9/14 or 27/8/14 version so that I could run them at all 4 corners

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  • EFX MotoMTC ATV Tire

    EFX MotoMTC ATV Tire

    Scott in Nevada

    Week Sidewall

    These EFX MotoMYC will hold up to rocks and roots, first day on them blew sidewall on both fronts same day, was it me, maybe but out of five units all traveling the same speed and same trials I was the only one with tire issues.

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