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  • Yamalube All Purpose 4-Stroke Oil

    Yamalube All Purpose 4-Stroke Oil

    Charlie in Queensland

    Yamalube Quality....Not too sure

    I have a 2007 V Star 1100 with 16,000 kms on the clock. I have had it regularly serviced by Yamaha dealers and was surprised to learn that they didn't use Yamalube oil when servicing my bike (Shell oil on my invoice). I recently serviced my bike for a long (6,000kms) trip and insisted on Yamalube engine oil. After around 5,000 kms, I began to notice the gearchange becoming harsher/raspy and more clunky in all gears, not just going into first. The only difference this time was the use of Yamalube engine/trans oil. Could it be that Yamalube begins to break down earlier than other brands?

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  • Pro Honda GN4 4-Stroke Motor Oil

    Pro Honda GN4 4-Stroke Motor Oil

    Dwayne in VA

    Runs so much smoother.

    This oil is the best. I recommend it to everyone. 60 Honda 300ex

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  • Pro Honda HP2 2-Stroke Oil

    Pro Honda HP2 2-Stroke Oil

    jason in FL

    Great quality oil

    Ive used this oil for years and never have I had a oil related failure.RM has the best prices on this , by far..They say to use it 32.1, but I feel 40.1 is slightly better with hp2

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  • Kawasaki Gear Oil with Limited Slip Additive

    Kawasaki Gear Oil with Limited Slip Additive

    Devon in AR

    Wonderful product

    I bought this to put in my rm85l and it shifts a whole lot smoother than before. I would for sure buy this again!

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  • Maxima Castor 927 2-Stroke Oil

    Maxima Castor 927 2-Stroke Oil

    Danny in OR

    Smell that?

    Love castor 927, been using it for awhile now, great stuff smells nice too

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  • Klotz Super Techniplate 2-Stroke Oil

    Klotz Super Techniplate 2-Stroke Oil

    Casey in IA

    Best premix ever!

    I switched over to Klotz years ago and I have never fouled a plug since. Stuff smells GREAT, almost no smoke, burns clean. I would never switch back! Cant get enough of this!

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ATV Oils

When it’s time to change the oil on your ATV, count on Rocky Mountain ATV/MC to have exactly what you need. We have many options of ATV oil, and all of them are designed for the specialty needs of powersport vehicles. Some of them are specifically formulated for ATVs. It doesn’t get more precise than that!

When you’re looking for oil, be sure to identify whether your quad has a 4-stroke or 2-stroke engine. Since the method of delivery is different, the last thing you want to do is use the wrong kind of oil.

The next thing is to determine what grade of oil you need. If this is your first time buying oil, your owner’s manual should be helpful in this regard. We’ve made it easy to shop for your oil by providing a filter on the left that can help you narrow it down so you only see the oil grade you need.

After that, decide whether to stick with traditional or synthetic oil. We carry both types, so you’re good to go either way. If you need specialty ATV racing oil, we’ve got that too.

Finally, it comes down to the brand of your preference. With Maxima, Motorex, Bel-Ray and many more, we’ve got all the big names that you know you can trust.

When it comes to ATV oil, we’ve got options. Pick your favorite today and get your quad back out on the trail.

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