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  • Factory Effex Grip Donuts

    Factory Effex Grip Donuts

    JAROD in MD

    Blister Savers

    These grip donuts make the handlebars so much more comfortable and they help a great deal in preventing thumb blisters. As far as durability is concerned, they last as long as my grips, if not longer, but I put a new set on every time I replace my grips. They are definitely worth it for adding some comfort to your controls.

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  • Cascade Thumb Throttle Extender

    Cascade Thumb Throttle Extender

    derrick in RI

    Love this thing

    Sits a little more coward and a little lower, however it's a lot longer and my thumb doesn't get numb on long rides

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  • Motion Pro Clutch Cable

    Motion Pro Clutch Cable

    derrick in RI

    Very good cable

    Just as good as stock.

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  • Tag Rebound Tech Dual Compound Grips

    Tag Rebound Tech Dual Compound Grips

    Paul in CO

    Very comfy

    Good grips for this old guy with soft hands!

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  • Pro-Taper Tri-Density MX Grips - Full Diamond

    Pro-Taper Tri-Density MX Grips - Full Diamond

    Joel in WI

    Not very comfortable or well built.

    These grips are just like any pro taper grips, and even with the end piece, rip after one fall on any hard packed track. Overall they aren't very comfortable, but the worst part about these is that grip donuts or blister busters don't even stay on the grips! You have to physically remove them every time you transport your bike, or they will blow off. Are you kidding? Why would you not test that feature? Good try pro taper.

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  • Tusk Aluminum Brake Pedal

    Tusk Aluminum Brake Pedal

    TIM in PA

    looks nice but bends easy

    I have bought 2 in one year bent both of them. Putting back on oem i took off. Will not buy again..............

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