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  • ASV C6 Series Brake Lever

    ASV C6 Series Brake Lever

    Colton in BC

    Awesome lever

    best lever I've used and they look amazing.

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  • ASV C6 Series Pro Clutch Lever With Hot Start

    ASV C6 Series Pro Clutch Lever With Hot Start

    Colton in BC

    wouldn't buy any other lever

    no complaints here. They look awesome and work even better.

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  • Pro-Taper SE 7/8" Handlebar

    Pro-Taper SE 7/8" Handlebar

    Christian in QC


    PERFECT ! i am from Quebec - Canada and i received all the gear i bought in 2 days!!! WOW! Can't go wrong with these guys! i will buy more for sure and recommend it to my friends ! can't believe it ! Thanks!!

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  • Streamline Billetanium Rebuildable ATV Stabilizer

    Streamline Billetanium Rebuildable ATV Stabilizer

    Daniel in WA

    Serves its purpose

    Not a bolt on a go product. Had to make some modifications so the steering would not bottom against the stabilizer. Had to drill a new hole in the clamp for the steering shaft to change the 'swing'. Make sure your steering is hitting the stops or the stabilizer will take damage. It dampens good and prevents the handle bars from jerking out of your hands when hitting rocks and roots.

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  • Cycra CRM Racer Pack 1 1/8" Bars

    Cycra CRM Racer Pack 1 1/8" Bars

    John in IL

    Good product

    I like these hand guards. I think they are a little over priced but the quality is great. I do wish the end clamps were a little nicer but other than that these are top notch. Make sure you order the correct size for your bars. The center reach clamps mount directly over the fork caps so accessing the bleed screws on the forks is a challenge. I buy fork bleeders to get around this.

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  • Motion Pro OEM Style Clutch Perch With Hot Start Lever

    Motion Pro OEM Style Clutch Perch With Hot Start Lever

    Ryan in AZ

    works easy. broke easier

    one little spill in a sand wash and it cracked the perch. not made very well to last.

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