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  • Tusk Oil Filler Plug

    Tusk Oil Filler Plug

    Edward in NH

    oil cap looks good!!

    Oil cap stands out and looks good!!

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  • Tusk Clutch Kit With Heavy Duty Springs

    Tusk Clutch Kit With Heavy Duty Springs

    Bob in Pennsylvania

    For the price, can't beat it.

    Purchased this clutch kit to install for my wife to learn how to ride with. Expected it to have been smoked already. Happily its showing no real signs of wear, or distortion. Amazing actually considering how hard its life has been. Its only been five hours of ride time, but countless stalls, dumps and slips. It wasn't an easy five hours. Install was easy, parts fit perfectly, everything measured out to max spec in service manual. They do mean heavy duty springs much heavier than stock. Watched a new clutch kit that cost over twice this much get smoked in 1 hour under a new rider, with the same kind of abuse. Gave it five stars even though its only been in a few hours. I did hop on a few times and thrashed it through the gears, had nothing abnormal about it at the end of the day. Very satisfied and its fulfilled its purpose and kept on going. Would recommend and will buy again.

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  • Tusk Clutch Spring Set

    Tusk Clutch Spring Set

    Gene in OR

    Great Product

    Bike has a built motor. These spring hold the clutch just as it should. Recomend

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  • Tusk Top End Gasket Kit

    Tusk Top End Gasket Kit

    Gene in OR

    Good quality

    Quality gaskets and a great price. Tusk sells great products!

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  • K & L Oil Filter Socket Wrench

    K & L Oil Filter Socket Wrench


    Very good

    it work perfectly and on sale

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  • Neutron Safe Guard Oil Filter

    Neutron Safe Guard Oil Filter


    worked great

    worth the money

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Rocky Mountain ATV/ has a complete inventory of UTV engine parts so you can spend more time riding and less time looking for the parts you need. We have UTV cylinder kits, clutch kits, crankshaft assemblies, rod kits, drive belts, engine valves, shim kits, gaskets, pistons and more. Make sure you keep your UTV’s engine running in prime condition with a high quality oil filter like Tusk’s First Line Oil Filter which is made of quality metal, rubber and paper materials for maximum filtration and flow. When it comes to clutch kits, we have the best available like the EPI Sand Dune Clutch Kit made specifically for riders who frequently ride on sandy terrains. One of the best things about shopping at Rocky Mountain ATV/ is our customer reviews which provide valuable feedback on the products we sell from UTV riders just like you. Customer reviews can be found at the bottom of each product category page, so be sure to check them out when you’re shopping for UTV parts. Find all the UTV parts you need in one place so you can get back to riding – only at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC.

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