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  • Clarke Fuel Tank

    Clarke Fuel Tank

    nolan dowen in Washington

    the best item ever

    I bought this item and it was the best item I have ever bought in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Works Connection MX Skid Plate

    Works Connection MX Skid Plate

    Mark in WA

    Good Skid

    I ride rocky rutted stump and log infested WA trails. I run skids on everything I can. I rode this bike a few times without one and was paranoid about the front tire throwing a rock up and cracking the case. For the price it is well worth the peace of mind in my eyes.

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  • Polisport Lower Fork Protectors

    Polisport Lower Fork Protectors

    Michael in NV

    Fit like Factory

    Slapped em on, added a new Yamaha decal and went riding.

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  • IMS Fuel Tank

    IMS Fuel Tank

    Dylan in NSW

    good tank


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  • Polisport Complete Replica Plastic Kit

    Polisport Complete Replica Plastic Kit

    Michael in NV

    Good plastics

    The all look good and fit well. Only complaint is the front fender holes are a little small. I opened them up a little for the metal sleeves the fit better. You can push them in with force but the next size drill bit makes it easier. They all fit well other than this and seem to be holding up after a couple of rides.

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  • PC Racing Easy On Forkskins

    PC Racing Easy On Forkskins

    Ian in AZ

    Not great

    The spicier broke on both first time I took them off. Was extremely hard if get on in the first place.

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